After roaming all across the internet, I didn't find any legit way to to disable YouTube shorts. Infact, no straight answers are seen in Google community questions. But, Today I am going to reveal you a secret to Turn off YouTube Shorts. The short videos apps like Instragram, Facebook, YouTube shorts are the most additive for people of all age groups. But, getting rid of Facebook and Instagram is easy as these app can be uninstalled. What about YouTube ?. It comes with an inbuilt feature and can't be removed from Android device. So, stay tuned on this post till the end and you will surely find a way to disable YouTube short. 

Disable YouTube Shorts

How to Disable YouTube Shorts:

1. First, Long press on the YouTube app icon displaying on your screen. Doing this will open a section of App Info. Alternatively, you also can open this from your settings app.


2. On opening App info, You will find an option of Connection Method.


3. Click on Connection Method, there you will find a blue tick on mobile data.


4. Now, disable or Turn off this blue tick. This will stop YouTube from using mobile data.

5. It is a natural saying that, if you want to kill someone stop giving them food. As YouTube uses data to display YouTube short and waste your time. Therefore it is necessary to cutt off the data supply to stop it's functioning.

Turn off YouTube shorts

6. Now you might have the question that how should I watch a video now on YouTube as the data source is disable.

7. Yes, you can resume the data supply by long pressing the YouTube icon -> App info -> Connection Method -> Enable Mobile data Blue tick.

8. This is the only way to disable YouTube shorts. Open YouTube app only when necessary or when you want to watch something informative. Otherwise it will swallow your productive time for your own growth.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. It is so, lengthy for me to enable and disable data connection multiple times.

Initially, it would make you feel odd as this is new to you. After you try it for few days, you will be comfortable and won't find it lengthy any more. Note that, in order to become productive you should do something which 99% of people are not doing. Here is the  only way to disable YouTube shorts.

2. Can I disable YouTube shorts by installing Old Version of YouTube App ?

No, the old version of YouTube app won't be supported if you have higher version of Android app. Even on disabling the updates, it won't remove the YouTube short feature.

3. Which app should I install to disable YouTube Shorts ?

Turn off YouTube Shorts feature is not provided by any of the external app. As YouTube Shorts is an in-app feature of the YouTube itself. It is not possible to disable YouTube shorts by installing an external apps.

4. Why I have published a different article which is not related to my blog ?

Most of the visitors in this website are students. The time of students is more valuable for their future. Scrolling for hours on reels, Facebook and shorts doesn't give a good output except driving their mind to become a content creater. Therefore, focusing on studies are more important to contribution for their future generation.

Final Words

Your time is the most valuable entity that can be used for better things to do. Mostly, the youth of this generation are not able to keep their attention on studies and other valuable work because of distraction from short video. The era before tik-tok was golden time for technology where people have control over their life. It's better to learn new skill using AI rather than falling into this baseless scrolling trap. The above method to disable YouTube shorts is the only way to do it. If you really want to be productive you have to get ridd of this addiction to achieve great things in life.