Pharmaceutics is among the Major subjects asked in the GPAT. Specially, direct questions come from the industrial pharmacy part where students has to answer questions related to tablet manufacture including the type of instrument used and their drawbacks. Similarly, questions related to the quality control department including the range of standards are also asked. All these are direct questions which doesn't need overall conceptual knowledge.

Omiting such questions or giving wrong answers is a direct loss of marks. If you are among someone who doesn't want to go more to conceptual subjects like pharmacology or biopharmaceutics then pharmaceutics can be a strength for you to score maximum marks. We have brought a lot of MCQ for your from Industrial Pharmaceutics that can help to give idea of the type of questions asked.

Pharmaceutics MCQ LIST

1. Tablets MCQ

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

2. Capsules MCQ:

3. Pharmaceutical solutions MCQ:

4. Container Closure MCQ:

5. Semi-solid formulation MCQ:

6. Suspension MCQ:

7. Emulsion MCQ:

8. Microencapsulation MCQ:

9. Parenteral products MCQ:

Practicing the above pharmaceutics MCQ will help to revise the concept of industrial pharmaceutics and give you extensive knowledge of application of manufacturing in pharma industry.